Faiza beauty cream

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blackspot removal and whitening cream. and anti wrinkle also. within 7 days you can get  the results.

Price for Madagascar  customers : 30 000ar Gm and Pm 20 000ar

Price for international customers : 30 USD


blackspot removal and whitening cream. and anti wrinkle also. within 7 days you can get  the results.

Price for Madagascar  customers : Gm 30 000ar, Pm 20 000ar

Price for international customers : Gm 10 USD , Pm 7 USD

Usage: wash the face with cold water and faiza soap first and then apply cream at face softly but do not rub the cream at face. and minimum 2 hours before sleeping  apply at face. and it is night cream so let it at face till to morning and again in the morning wash the face with faiza soap and apply at face again cream and if you have to go out in sunlight then apply faiza sun block at face 30minuts before going out.

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